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Assalamu Alaikum wrwb.

Alhamdulillah, this lecture titled, ‘Trust in Allah’ was organized by LHMC team on the 10th of April 2021, at Lower Hutt Islamic center. It was conducted by sister Noha Ibrahim. It was a very informative lecture. She made us aware what ‘Trust’ really means. Among the attendees were ladies and children. By role playing and giving various examples she explained how we should keep firm our ‘Trust in Allah’, no matter what good or bad befalls us, it happens by the will of Allah and we should totally rely on Him, and hope for the best.

She then told us the significance of the four stories from Surah Kahf and what lessons we can learn from it. Let me tell you about the stories in short and what we understood from it.

The first story was about the youths who escaped to a cave for they were being persecuted for the sake of their religion. This is the trial of “Faith”

Lesson for us - That we should be steadfast in our faith and remain in the company of good righteous people.

The second story is about a man who was granted abundant wealth and gardens which made him proud and arrogant and he thought they would last forever, but later lost them. This is a trial of “Wealth”

Lesson for us - We should realize that all the power and wealth we have is from Allah and we should be thankful and humble ourselves to Him.

The third story is about Musa a.s. Despite being a Prophet and being granted with knowledge and power, showed humility to learn knowledge from the one who knew more than him. Lesson for us - That one should not be too arrogant to learn something new from anyone. We also learn here that a temporary calamity is always a blessing in disguise if you have faith in Allah. There is wisdom behind it.

The fourth story is about a person ( Dhu’l Qarnayn) to whom Allah granted immense wealth and power and tested him. And he used it justly. This is the trial of authority.

Lesson for us - That we should use our wealth and power to do good and fight evil.

After the lecture that lasted over an hour, it was Maghrib salah time. After prayers, we had our refreshments. We thanked sister Noha for coming to our Masjid and providing us with such beneficial knowledge. In Shaa Allah, LHMC plans to hold more of these lectures in the near future.

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