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Summer Family Picnic

Sunday: January 3 2021.

Kaitoki Park, Upper Hutt, Wellington.

A Summer Family Picnic was organised by the Lower Hutt Muslimah

Committee to get together before the year begins.

It was a great opportunity for families to come together to have a BBQ, and

free sausages were provided. Approximately 150 people arrived, and

although there was worry about the weather and some light showers, it

turned out to be a beautiful day. Some sausages were kindly donated by

the Lower Hutt Halal butcher.

The day was a great chance for children to come to the park and join other

families in Kaitoki Park, the park was filled with families having fun,

camping, and enjoying lunch.

The response was very positive from families, with some feedback after the

event advising that the children had a great time and it was an occasion to

leave the house for one last time over the Summer holidays! There was

one person that mentioned they had saved the date two months in advance

which is encouraging and shows how important these social family

gatherings are.

Brother Salahuldeen Saldin prepared games for the children and adults,

and was great fun by all involved, as well as spectators. Some families sat

together, others went for a walk along the crystal clear river, and others had

tea and cake after their lunch. Some families brought their own soccer balls

and games from home, and it was a beautiful sight to see families sitting on

their own picnic mat, laughing, and sharing stories. We had families travel

from Kilbernie and Wellington coming into Upper Hutt to share in the fun.

LHMC team hopes to organise similar family outings to encourage us to

come together as a community in the future.


Team @LHMC

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