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Seerah Competition'21

20th Feb 2021

Lower Hutt Islamic Centre, Taita.

Assalamualaikum wRwB.

By the Grace of Allah and with His bounteous mercy, LHMC successfully organised Seerah Competition’21 (The journey of our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH) which was held at Lower Hutt Islamic centre on 20th Feb 2021. LHMC invited all the children of lower Hutt to take part in this competition. There were a total of 38 registrations Alhamdulillah.

The competition was divided into two levels. Level 1 for the age group 9-12 and Level 2 for the age group 13-18. Both boys and girls of Lower Hutt took part in this competition. Since, it was a very new approach and kids were not sure what to expect, we took two classes to guide them through the Seerah and provided them with important topics and also organised a mock test to make kids familiar with the concept of examination.

The candidates were given Hall tickets with unique Hall ticket numbers. They were asked to write the number on their answer sheets instead of their names to keep the correction process as fair as possible. For Level 1 the first prize was $150, the second prize was $100, and the third prize was $50 and for Level 2 the first prize was $200, the second prize was $150, and the third prize was $50. All other candidates got a participation certificate and a gift.

All praise and thanks be to Allah for guiding us through this journey. It took us four months of planning, discussions, and suggestions from the team and few mothers, to finally bring this event to reality. But the star of the event were our kids. Who not only read the whole Seerah which in and itself is a great achievement, but also attempted the exam gracefully and did great at it.

We would also like to thank the mothers who encouraged their kids and helped them throughout the competition. We enjoyed the process of learning and teaching the life journey of Prophet Muhammad PBUH and so did the children and their mothers Alhamdulillah. We got many positive feedback and we hope to keep this going every year in shaa Allah. And amend few mistakes that occurred meanwhile.

Though we believe that everyone is a winner. But we would like to mention the prize winners. The first prize of level 1 was bagged by Mirza Niklin Jusuf, the second prize was bagged by Jameela Aminudeen and the third prize was bagged by Zaki Aminudeen. Whereas in level 2 the first prize was bagged by Ammar Bilal, the second prize was backed by Hakeema Aminudeen and the third prize was bagged by Ilma Aminudeen. Many congratulations to all of you again.

May Allah increase us in knowledge, guide us to follow and preach it. Ameen.

It was great seeing you all Alhamdulillah.


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