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Mental Health and Stress Management

Saturday 20th March.

Lower Hutt Islamic Centre, 14 Hunter Street, Taita.

A Mental Health and Stress Management Workshop, the first of a

three-part series was organised by the Lower Hutt Muslimah

Committee to discuss mental health and wellbeing. The workshop

was led by psychiatrist Dr. Huma Amer, psychiatrist Dr. Shaystah

Dean, Sister Zara Kashkari mental health support worker, and

Brother Bilal Nasier, trainee in clinical psychology.

The workshop provided a great chance for 50 men and women to

be part of an interactive quiz and discussion to discuss mental

health generally. Discussion included how to recognise stress and

emotions. A key theme that came out throughout the day, is that

mental health is not separate from the other ‘walls’ of the self,

that include spiritual and social walls of the house that keep a

person living happily and healthily. Refreshments and baby-sitting

were provided for maximum benefit and for families to truly be

engaged in the discussion.

The response was very positive from men and women, with some

feedback right after the event asking for the next date would be

already. Participants looked forward to further workshops where

they hoped to go into further detail and engage with the Dr’s on

how to support family, friends, and community members.

LHMC team hopes to organise similar workshops to further learn

more about ourselves and our mental well-being.


Team @LHMC

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