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Self Defence Workshop

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Sunday: October 11, 2020

Lower Hutt Islamic Centre

A self-defence workshop for women was put together by LHMC, in collaboration with Wahine Toa and Hutt Valley Trust.

In light of the events of March 15, 2008 and recent events, this was a much-needed training course. LHMC team sent out an expression of interest to survey the demand in the community for a self defence workshop. The response was overwhelming from Muslim women from all walks of life. The women committed to the training, even though it was a whole day event, which was sign of their dedication to learn self-defence. The event was otherwise free with a small registration fee of $10.00 per person. LHMC provided babysitters for childcare for a small fee. The ladies were served a healthy morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. The training was led by professional trainer provided by Wahine Toa. The participants went home with a set of skills and strategies to tackle some tricky situation. They practiced different kicks, punches and blocking techniques. A simple method of powerful and effective phrases like, “Stop”, “Back off”, “No” said in a firm and determined way can prove to be a very useful tool in most situations.

A brief summary of the course outlined below.

1. What is self defense

2. Safety tips

3. Information for girls

4. Some stories shared

The participants were awarded certificates at the end of the training. The workshop and the organising team received immense praise and positive feedback. LHMC team hopes to conduct similar training in the future for under 16 Muslim girls.


Team @LHMC

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